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We are a local Colorado Springs area excavating company that specializes in residential and commercial excavations and grading.

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Serving people in and around Colorado Springs – Pueblo – Monument – Parker – Black Forest – Fountain – Falcon – Calhan – Woodland Park – Canyon City and Surrounding Areas. At Zeus Excavating, our excavation contractors practice fair pricing and will help out in anyway we can. To get your free quote call us and let our team help you with your excavation needs. Open until 6pm today.

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Small Projects

Residential excavation contractors handle jobs of all sizes in residential settings. We can help with jobs as small as leveling an area for a pop-up pool or swingset, excavating for pipe repair, or other small jobs. We can also excavate your yard for water line repairs.


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Water Flow Issues

If you are experiencing water pooling in your yard, we can help you establish the right slope.


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Roads/Parking Areas

If you want a flat finished area, you need to start with a flat surface. Our flat work grading services can help you start with the flat surface you need for projects like road and parking areas.


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Excavation/ Grading

Excavation services included digging and moving earth to prepare your area for projects. They can be large or small. Grading services involve establishing a base. Bases can be uniformly level or at a specific slope.


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Erosion control

Erosion is caused by water, which will take the easiest path through land. Excavating and grading can reduce erosion by eliminating these low areas or intentionally creating drainage ditches or areas to direct water runoff.


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Backfill/ Compacting

Compacting is important in construction. With compacting, we use mechanical means to increase the density of the soil, which provides a more stable area for your construction project and should reduce settling. Our backfill services involve refilling an area after it has been excavated. Backfill is necessary to refill an area that had to be excavated to complete work, such as water main repair. It may also be part of the pre-construction compacting process.


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Cistern Install

If you need on-site water storage, our cistern installing service can prepare the location for the cistern, install the cistern, and backfill over the cistern to create a smooth above-ground surface.


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Flatwork Grading

Almost every construction project, big or small, requires flatwork grading. Get the flat surface you need before you start your project!


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Over Lot Grading


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Our services are affordable and won’t break your budget. We practice fair pricing and will help out in anyway we can. Need a free quote contact us and let our team help you with your excavation needs.

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We are a local excavation company that specializes in residential and commercial excavation and grading. We will take time to discuss your project and will import any material needed for your Job. Big excavation companies have big overhead and have to charge big prices. You can get an excavation specialist without paying for that markup. We practice fair pricing and will help out in anyway we can. Need a free quote contact us and let our team help you with your excavation needs.

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Selection of Our Services

Our excavating services range from general excavation, water control services, digging services, demolition, dirt removal, residential excavating, construction related excavating, environmental control, and landscaping. We serve Colorado Springs and surrounding areas by providing a team of professionals that are well experienced and skilled. Don’t let your project stress you out as you are looking for excavating services. In conjunction with our excavating services, we will help you find all the right services and material to finish your project.

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